Salish Way

The Salish Way Cooperative was completed in 2015—three homes for three women and three children. The architect for these net-zero homes was David Vandervort and the total cost was $525,000.

Two of the homes are studios at 440 sq. Ft. and the third is our standard 890 sq.ft. for a 2 bedroom flex. The houses have a 6.5 KW roof-top photovoltaic systems and AirTap hot water heat pumps.

Four interns worked on the project. One of the homeowners, Catalina Kohring, a single mother who has lived on Lopez since she was eight years old, says that having her home enables her to raise her four year old daughter in the same place where she grew up and across the way from her daughter’s grandfather and three uncles. “It makes me feel more rooted in the Lopez community.”