The need for a second housing project was apparent in September of 1993. LCLT embarked on a nine month long process of design development. Groundbreaking was delayed three months due to a Sewer District moratorium. However, in June 1994, the first shovel-full of earth was turned on 1.8 acres north of Morgantown for what is now Coho, site of seven homes.

Once again a group of seven households formed crews to build foundations, frame and finish their homes. Interns, community volunteers and tradespersons gave many hundreds of hours of labor. Eight months is not a long time for seven houses to get built from the ground up.

In February of 1995, members moved into beautiful, finished homes. As with Morgantown, Coho residents turned to transformation of their construction site into lush gardens of flowerbeds, vegetables, shrubs and trees.