LCLT Electric Vehicle (EV) Carshare 

Lopez Community Land Trust (LCLT) initiated the EV Carshare in 2022. The program encourages LCLT leaseholders and renters to reduce carbon emissions and provides access to electric vehicle use. The EV Carshare is part of our Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (SARD) Program. SARD programs include local farm and food security initiatives as well as ecologically sound rural development related to water, transportation, and renewable energy. The Carshare is funded in part through the Washington State Department of Transportation Zero-Emissions Access Program (ZAP).

The electric Kia Niro Wind is our first car purchase. In addition to the car, we have installed four EV charging stations on LCLT owned property.  The charging stations serve LCLT and housing co-op members. The Kia has a 250-mile range which allows off-island trips without stopping to charge.

Who is eligible to join the carshare?
All leaseholders and renters at LCLT over the age of 21, with a valid driver’s license, insurance, and a good driving history. If you meet the eligibility requirements and want to schedule a test drive, send an email to Breton at

How does it work?

Members pay an initial sign-up fee to join the carshare and are charged on a per mile use basis.  The EV is shared across users who reserve a time to use the car. The EV Carshare is a safe and low-carbon option for on and off-island trips.

For Carshare Users:

Log in to your account here:

Read the LCLT Carshare Policies Handbook Here:

Additional resources: 

Link to the Kia Handbook

Video about Kia Cars

Quick overview of the infotainment center, more features available than may be used on a regular basis (can be a bit overwhelming, but some are important).