By submitting an application to LCLT CarShare, you accept all of the terms and conditions set forth in the Lopez Community Land Trust Carshare Policy and Handbook (below) and sign the document electronically.

Lopez Community Land Trust Carshare Policy and Handbook ver. 2

Updated April 6, 2023

Throughout the document Carshare refers to LCLT Carshare only

Lopez Community Land Trust

LCLT Contact Information:

Office: 360-468-3723

Email: Breton at

MAILING address: PO Box 25, Lopez Island WA 98261

PHYSICAL Address:  25 Tuatara Road, Lopez Island, WA 98261

Office Hours: Typically, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm

Table of Contents

1. Eligibility

  1. Criteria
  2. Authorized Drivers

2. Insurance & Damage

  1. Insurance
  2. Reporting and Responsibility for Damage

3. Treatment & Operation of Vehicles

  1. Vehicle Care
  2. Misuse of Vehicles
  3. Maintenance schedule
  4. Expectations
  5. Charging the vehicle
  6. Lost & Found
  7. Transporting pets
  8. Add-on features

4. Membership & Billing

  1. Membership Options
  2. Billing
  3. Violations & Tolls

5. Scheduling/Using LCLT Carshare

  1. Requesting membership with the Carshare
  2. Making a reservation
  3. Vehicle Specific Notes: Kia Niro Wind EV6
  4. Access
  5. Charging
  6. Starting the Car
  7. Running Late
  8. Contacting other members
  9. Returning the vehicle to the LCLT location (charge up)
  10. Locking the vehicle/finishing your trip

7. Emergencies

Lopez Community Land Trust Carshare and Policy

1. Eligibility

A. Criteria

The following criteria must be met in order to qualify as a member of the LCLT Carshare.  In order to apply for membership you must provide proof of the following:

– Valid WA state drivers license

– 21 years of age or older

– Personal car insurance with a minimum of $300,000 liability per occurrence

– No at-fault accidents on record within three years of application to join car-share

– Be a current LCLT leaseholder, renter, board member or staff in good standing with Lopez Community Land Trust*

*An authorized second driver may be approved only if accompanying a current leaseholder, Board member or staff as described above so long as all other eligibility requirements are met.

B. Authorized Drivers

Only those who meet the Eligibility Criteria are authorized to drive the vehicle.

Eligible drivers cannot lend a Carshare vehicle to anyone.  A vehicle reserved in the Carshare members name, remains fully responsible for the vehicle.

Lopez Community Land Trust reserves the right to add or change Eligibility Criteria. Members shall be informed of changes in a timely manner and the full force of the Carshare agreements shall be in effect.

2. Insurance & Damage

A. Insurance

– Member must provide proof of personal car insurance with a minimum of $300,000 liability per occurrence

– As owner of the car, LCLT must carry car insurance of at least a $1,000,000 liability per occurrence

– Members are responsible for any out of pocket expenses that occur due to at fault accidents provided the insurance does not cover the costs.


AAA membership is on the carshare and each member is encouraged to have their own coverage as well.

B. Reporting and Responsibility for Damage

Before you begin and end each trip, please be sure to check the vehicle inside and out for dents, scrapes, and other damages. If you notice any damage, please refer to the Damage Sheet stored in the glove box – all previously reported damage should be marked on the Damage Sheet, indicating that the Carshare is already aware of it. Prior to leaving please record any new or unreported damage (i.e. damage not already marked on the Damage Sheet). If you fail to report damage to a vehicle, you may be held responsible and/or fined. For non-urgent vehicle issues, such as cleanliness, odors, low charge levels, and missing items, please contact our office as soon as possible during or after your reservation. You may leave a voicemail at our office or send an email to report non-emergency problems with the car. Please always remember to provide your full name and a detailed description of the problem you are reporting. Contact information will be in the car and on your signed agreement.

3. Treatment & Operation of Vehicles

A. Vehicle Care

As a Carshare member, you agree to treat Carshare vehicles with respect and care. Our Carshare depends on mutual trust and care of a shared resource. Any misuse of Carshare vehicles will be grounds for fines, suspension, or termination of your membership.

Generally speaking:

  • Operate the vehicle according to the operator’s manual located in the vehicle’s glove box, and according to the policies set forth in this booklet.
  • Pets may only be transported in proper pet carriers. Please review the section on Transporting Pets for details.
  • Smoking/vaping etc. is prohibited in Carshare vehicles.
  • Please remove your belongings and all trash from the vehicles.

B. Misuse of Vehicles

Carshare members may not, under any circumstances use Carshare vehicles under the following conditions. Members who misuse any Carshare vehicle may have their membership terminated, be assessed appropriate fees, and will be responsible for paying the full costs of any damage or losses at their own expense. Below is a list of some actions that are strictly forbidden:

  • Allowing someone who is not an approved Carshare member to operate the car.
  • Using a Carshare vehicle for any illegal purpose
  • Driving while under the influence of any intoxicating substance
  • Driving in any race, test, or competition
  • Driving in a careless of negligent manner
  • Carrying persons or property for hire (i.e. taxi or parcel delivery service).
  • Using a Carshare vehicle if it has been obtained from Carshare by fraud or misrepresentation.
  • Using a Carshare vehicle for off-road driving (i.e. vehicles may only be driven on maintained roads, lanes or driveways).
  • Loading a vehicle beyond its rated capacity or with more passengers than the vehicle has seat belts for
  • Taking the Carshare outside the continental United States or Canada.
  • Towing or pushing anything, unless pre-approved and according to manufacturers instructions
  • Using a Carshare vehicle without a reservation or outside your reservation time
  • Operating a Carshare vehicle without a valid driver’s license or insurance. It is your responsibility to inform LCLT when your license is expired or suspended

We take the above violations extremely seriously. If you use a Carshare vehicle in any of the above unauthorized manner:

  • You will be subjected to fines and other applicable fees
  • You will waive your right to Carshare insurance and be held personally responsible for the cost of any damages or loss arising from your misuse
  • We reserve the right to notify police if we believe a vehicle has been taken without a reservation or by a non-member as if it has been stolen
  • You release and discharge Carshare from, and indemnify, defend and hold us harmless against any liability arising from your actions.

C. Maintenance schedule

On a regular basis, and as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, time periods may be blocked out and unavailable for scheduling for regular vehicle maintenance.

D. Expectations

Keep to the rule LNT – “Leave No Trace.” Please be mindful this is a shared resource, be sure to check the vehicle prior to use, and afterwards.


E. Charging the vehicle

It is your responsibility to make sure that the EV is properly plugged in and charging after you have returned the car, and ensure it is appropriately charged for the duration of your reserved time.

F. Lost & Found

Carshare is not responsible for any personal belongings left in or on top of the vehicles. If items are found in a car, they may be held for up to thirty days at the LCLT office. You may contact LCLT to inquire.

Carshare is not responsible for any loss of, or damage to, any goods in or on

the vehicle.

G. Transporting pets

If you transport a pet, it must be noted on your reservation. All animals must be in carriers, no matter their size. Carshare reserves the right to deny pet transport. Failing to use a carrier, and/or leaving pet evidence (e.g. fur, paw prints, nose smudges) will result in fees and possible termination of membership. As with other damages, please record your findings as per the agreement.

H. Add-on features

LCLT may purchase add-on features, such as a garbage can hauling attachment, trailer, bicycle or roof racks. Add-ons will be at LCLT discretion.

4. Membership & Billing

A. Membership Options

Contact LCLT for most up to date membership, billing and penalty costs.

B. Billing

Each pre-approved driver must make a pre-payment to LCLT prior to use.  At the end of each calendar year a full accounting will be done and each member will be alerted as to additional charges or refunds or roll-overs.

C. Violations & Tolls

Drivers are responsible for paying all fees and tolls associated with their specific use. If you know you have driven across a toll, we request you notify LCLT so we can add it to your account. If LCLT receives notice of a toll and you have not told us you went through a toll, we will refer back to the reservation schedule and will charge you for the toll and have the right to charge an additional fee.

Traffic Tickets. If you get a traffic or parking ticket while using a Carshare vehicle, it is your responsibility to pay it promptly. If we receive notice that a parking ticket has not been paid, LCLT will take action.

Additional penalties, contact LCLT for up to date information.

5. Scheduling/Using LCLT Carshare


A. Requesting membership with the Carshare

Contact LCLT for membership registration.

B. Making a reservation

To make a reservation for the Carshare follow the instruction given to you at time of member approval with the Carshare.

C. Vehicle Specific Notes:  Kia Niro Wind EV6

Link to reference vehicle book:

Below are tips on how to help reduce energy consumption:

  • Keep your vehicle in good condition with regular maintenance
  • Don’t “ride” the brake pedal
  • Drive at a moderate speed, accelerating smoothly and at a moderate rate
  • Keep tires inflated to the recommended pressure
  • Travel lightly, without carrying unnecessary weight in your vehicle
  • Ensure wheels are aligned correctly
  • Avoid placing large or heavy items on roof racks • Avoid hilly, winding or poorly maintained roads

D. Access

Granted by LCLT discretion, such as at time of membership, training, and staff use.

  1. Charging
    Battery care for EV’s suggests that not exceeding 80% or less than 20% on a regular basis preserves the battery. That said it is recommended that prior to setting out on a long trip you fully charge to 100% and also once a month charge the car to 100% regardless of use. Certain places over AC (Level 2, slower chargers), or DC (Level 3 fast) charging places. There are currently no level 3 chargers in San Juan County. There is one at the Tulalip Outlet Malls that you can pay to use. Additionally, all Kia Dealerships have Level 3 chargers. The LCLT charging station is a level 2 charger. It takes up to 10 hours for the vehicle to 80% charge on a Level 2 Charger. It is incredibly important to plug the vehicle in after use.

On the car navigation, you can look to find where the nearest charging station is located. Each charging station will say either “AC” or “DC.” Charging stations that are AC are Level 2 chargers — these charge at a slower rate, and are best used for overnight charging.

Prior to taking a trip make sure to have your charge points located and try to find out if they are in working order.  Electrify America is one source for public level 2 and 3 chargers.

F. Starting the Car

Once you have access to the vehicle, the key will be inside. Prior to your first use LCLT will demonstrate basics such as: starting the car, adjusting settings prior to each trip, using reverse, and drive.  Once you stop and park the car the parking brake automatically is set if “auto hold” is activated.

G. Running Late

If you are running late go to the app or website and schedule additional time. You can do so through the website or app on a smartphone or computer. If you’re unable to extend your reservation because someone else has a reservation immediately following yours, contact the next user and LCLT immediately.

If you are late, you may be charged late fees and for your additional time with the vehicle, as well as costs incurred to accommodate the other member(s) inconvenience. Please keep in mind that continuous or excessive lateness affects the reliability of our service and may result in the termination of your membership.

H. Contacting other members

It is highly encouraged to sign a release form to allow other Carshare members to contact you. On the carsharing website and app there will be an area to make notes for other members. It will be required to note if your trip is going off of the island, as this may impact the next driver especially considering ferries or other things beyond your control. We encourage a friendly, communicative, sharing environment.

I. Returning the vehicle to the LCLT location (charge up)

At the end of the reservation, the vehicle must be returned to the designated Carshare location located at 25 Tuatara Road. The vehicle should be plugged in to charge. Check your area to ensure you have not left any garbage or other belongings in the vehicle, check for any damage to the vehicle. If there is damage, note it on the paper in the glovebox and promptly (within 24 hours) notify the LCLT office.

J. Locking the vehicle/finishing your trip

At the end of your reservation, lock the vehicle and follow the instructions for using and reserving the vehicle at the end of your reservation.

  1. Cancellation

Subject to all its other rights and recourses, LCLT Carshare may, at any time, cancel the Contract if the Member fails to pay any sum due under the Contract or the Rules and Regulations.

Subject to all its other rights and recourses, LCLT Carshare may, at any time, without further notice or official notification and by simple notification, cancel the Contract if the Member does not comply with any term or condition specified in the Contract or the Rules and Regulations or, if the Member’s actions, state of health, or driving record, are counter to LCLT Carshare’s interests.

In case of cancellation, the Member agrees to immediately return any article belonging to LCLT Carshare that they might have in their possession. Moreover, the Member agrees to pay any collection fees, if any, necessary to recover any amounts due under this Contract or the Rules and Regulations.

The Contract shall be automatically and immediately cancelled, without notice, on the death of the Member.

7. Emergencies

In case of vehicle accident or emergency, call 911. As noted in the damages section, be sure to contact LCLT promptly following vehicle accident.