LCLT, in partnership with Steve Lillestol of Island Grist, offers a Grain CSA each year. Steve grows Fortuna Wheat on Lopez Island. Fortuna is a hard, red, spring wheat with good protein, milling and baking qualities. In April, purchasers pay for a share (or multiple) upfront, and in fall, the share is available for pickup. Island Grist grows, harvests and cleans the grain. The grain can be milled by Steve all at once, or you can mill it over time at LCLT. LCLT raises awareness about local grains and organic food systems, we advertise for the Grain CSA to the community, and coordinate pick-up with Island Grist.

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a system of growing and distributing naturally grown produce which restores the link between farmers and consumers. Purchasers pay up front at the beginning of the growing season and bear the crop risk rather than the farmers. In the event that the crop does not meet anticipated yields due to environmental factors, the farmer retains the full crop share price.

What is in one share?

One share is 20 pounds of whole wheat berries. For an additional fee, Island Grist can mill the wheat into flour. Alternatively, LCLT offers the use of two community grain mills located near our office. These are available for free, for small batch milling.

Interested in Joining the CSA?

Sign-ups are typically in late March/early April. If you are interested in joining the CSA or want to learn more, contact Breton at