New Farm Acquired

In May of this year, just as the pandemic was really sinking in, Lopez Community Land Trust purchased its second farm site to be preserved for Lopez food security. The 118 acres includes 21 acres of pasture, which had been leased for over thirty years by S & S Homestead before they retired. The property also includes 97 acres of forest, much of which is adjacent to the 400 acre Land Bank preserve of Lopez Hill. In spring of 2021 LCLT plans to sell 70 acres of the forest to the San Jan County Land Bank so they can increase the Lopez Hill Preserve and community trails. LCLT will also work with the San Juan Preservation Trust on extinguishing three development rights and add a conservation easement to the remaining property. LCLT will keep two development rights for homesteads.

This land has served as a beacon of hope and a respite during this most unusual and often stressful year. The forest land is stunning and contains existing trails, as well as some new trails made to explore this precious area. The land flows with an unusual amount of water, though not quite year round. Two unimproved driveways, an electric hookup and a three bedroom septic system exists, though as yet there are no buildings or other infrastructure. LCLT is studying the land to see what it wants to offer. At some point, a long term farm lease will be offered, along with the possibility of developing further infrastructure and a farmhouse.