Story Bridge & Sequel

Story Bridge is Coming to Lopez!

Islanders are being hit on so many fronts: global climate change, displacement of working residents and working farms, unsettling politics and economic issues on the national scene, second homeowners new to the islands and increasing visitation from burgeoning Seattle. Can we care for the earth and its creatures, as well as its people? Can we as Islanders survive it all and creatively bring about solutions that fit us?  This is the urgency behind bringing Story Bridge to Lopez for a two-day workshop to unite, explore and enhance our story.

Lopez Community Land Trust (LCLT) is proud to host Story Bridge on Saturday, March 10th and Sunday, March 11th, 2018, at the Lopez Center for the Community and the Arts.

Story Bridge begins with a daylong interactive session of collective stories, culminating in a community performance at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday. Everyone participates, whether on stage acting, making music, behind the scenes, or being the original source of a story. The power of telling your neighbor’s story is difficult to describe. The following day (Sunday), we will pursue our deepening relationship in charting pathways for Food, Farming and Affordable Housing for the Next Generation. Retaining a sense of “community” that cares for one another into the future has never been more challenged than today.

Three professionals constitute the leadership for Story Bridge. Richard Geer is the artistic director and the founder of Story Bridge. People Magazine says “Director Richard Geer heals troubled communities with the magic of theatre–and the gift of new hope.” An artist, philosopher and educator, Richard has directed over 40 Story Bridge plays and numerous workshops on five continents of the world.

He is joined by Qinghong Wei, Executive Director, a scholar and artist who has served as CEO of a prestigious foundation and co-founder of an award-winning social enterprise. Also part of the team is Iega, an internationally acclaimed dancer and choreographer. Iega is named as one of the The Juilliard School’s 100 Outstanding Alumni in celebration of the school’s centenary anniversary. He is also Co-Founder & Artistic Director of Deeply Rooted Dance Theater in Chicago.

Rhea Miller and other LCLT staff and Board members have participated in Story Bridge venues in places ranging from the Deep South, to hip Ashland, to the Central District of Seattle, and acknowledge that each one has been life transforming.

Participation in the Story Bridge workshops is free! Free childcare will be provided if reserved ahead of time (please reserve by March 1). Catered meals can be reserved for $15 each: Saturday lunch catered by Vortex, Saturday dinner catered by Taco ‘Bout It and Sunday lunch catered by Vita’s. All meals are gluten-free and vegetarian options are available (please indicate preference). To place reservations, please email or call LCLT’s office at 360.468.3723.