Time is one of the greatest gifts a person can offer. LCLT has a long history of active volunteers. Over the course of our 30+ year history, volunteers have contributed in numerous ways. A few examples include: building homes, installing solar panels, supporting agricultural programs, providing office landscaping, and helping make community trails. We host groups and individuals with specific skills or no experience. In order to plan in advance, we prefer consistency with volunteers during building projects. In 1992, during construction of our first co-operative housing development Morgantown, volunteers contributed over 4,000 hours to build seven beautiful homes! If you have a home on Lopez, another way to contribute is to host an LCLT intern by providing a place to stay and introducing them to our island community.

If you are interested in volunteering with LCLT or hosting an intern, contact Breton at lclt25@rockisland.com to learn about our current opportunities.