LCLT’s Annual Harvest Dinner

LCLT is hosting its annual Harvest Dinner on Saturday, October 21st, 5 p.m., at the community center. Speakers this year are the new farmers for Stonecrest Farm. Though they consider themselves “new farmers,” both have 12 years of ranching experience in the high country of central Colorado. Meike was influenced by a visit to Joel Salatin’s renowned farm in Virginia and Mike by finishing a degree in the Bay Area in culture, ecology, and sustainable communities. They have variously raised chickens, hogs, sheep, and a couple of milk cows in a Zone 3 climate 8000 feet above sea level. This year they received the Gunnison Conservation District’s Conservationist of the Year Award for upgrading a leased ranch’s inefficient irrigation systems and regenerating habitat for the threatened Gunnison sage grouse on the property. Mike and Meike will move to the farm in April, bringing with them their family of three children: Hetty (14), Lolo (12) and Andris (9).

Bring your potluck dish of your favorite Lopez foods. Prizes are awarded for best presentation and best use of local foods.Please bring your own plates and cutlery with your potluck dish of local foods. Everyone is welcome. LIV will be serving wine and there is a silent auction. We refer to it as the world’s best potluck so come and enjoy!

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